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YouTube ads are growing in popularity as a B2C and B2B marketing medium. As your YouTube ads agency, we can help you make your mark on the world’s second-largest search engine.

YouTube Ads Specialists

Want to reach even more customers at home and abroad? YouTube ads can help you take advantage of modern information and entertainment trends by putting you in touch with tens of thousands of new customers.


As YouTube ads specialists CLIQ Marketing Content can help you superdrive your YouTube ads campaigns. We work with service-based businesses to outline achievable business goals. Using these goals, we will reverse engineer quality YouTube ad campaigns, aligning your business with new audiences searching for popular video content. We’re more than just a YouTube advertising agency – we’re a full-service digital marketing solution that offers more avenues for growth.

We offer a free consultation & audit of your current YouTube ads performance.

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YouTube Ads Campaigns To Find More Valuable Customers

Did you know that around 35% of all online activity is spent watching videos on YouTube? That equates to billions of people every day watching videos, giving the platform around 70% of the internet’s video-watching market share. These enormous numbers spell out an opportunity for businesses just like yours to take advantage of increased visibility and a captive audience.

Acknowledging the opportunity is just the beginning. There are over 15 million unique Australian visitors to YouTube alone. How do you target the right ones with the right message? That’s where we come in as your dedicated YouTube ad agency. We have the skills and experience to create YouTube ad campaigns that both resonate and convert into sales.

YouTube functions as an entertainment hub,

search engine, and advertising platform. As your YouTube ad specialists, we create ads that have compelling messages, unskippable content, and creative offers, all channelling your marketing prospects to a conversion-focused landing page. First, we work to understand who your customer is and what they are watching, giving you the best return on investment for ad space purchased.

Making you king of the YouTube ad algorithm is no mean feat.

It may seem complicated, but as part of our partnership, we want to educate you. We partner with our clients to share our knowledge and deliver better outcomes as we progress in our business relationship. It’s all part of our service offering as the best YouTube ads agency in Australia.

If you’re ready to make the most of YouTube advertising, then contact the CLIQ Marketing Content team.

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Looking for Google Ads, YouTube ads, or new web pages? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly directors today to find out how we can help your business!

Creating The Best YouTube Ads Strategy

How We Help You Make The Most Of The World’s Second-Largest Search Engine

To understand how effective YouTube is as an advertising platform, you need to understand modern entertainment trends. YouTube has overtaken traditional TV advertising as the medium of choice for marketers all over the world for one single reason – it’s where people watch what they want to watch.


No longer are people bound to the couch to soak in prime-time television advertising night after night. They select what they want to watch, and when they want to watch it. Traditional TV advertising used to be a shot in the dark. Today, you can reach your audience with a targeted message where they are consuming content. YouTube’s targeting power means you can meet audience expectations with quality messaging, as well.


YouTube advertising works by letting you buy ad space for unskippable ads, which can last for up to 30 seconds before the beginning of a video. Much like PPC advertising, every time your ad is rolled, you pay Google. Cost-per-view generally ranges between 10 cents and 30 cents, which means that you can generate effective ROI.


CLIQ Marketing Content can help you get started. If you have a marketing video, we can help you set up your Google AdWords account so that is optimised for video. We can help you choose the right ad types, select your budget, choose keywords, and discern the right audience for your brand. Next, we let your ads run, continually optimising and refining them until we have a supercharged campaign that is giving you the results you want.


It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is – you can benefit from a strong digital presence with YouTube ads. There are myriad benefits as well, from exposing your brand to thousands more potential customers, to improving your organic and paid conversions. We can help you outperform your competitors by giving you a highly optimised campaign that is targeted in message but versatile in its application.

You can benefit from our Google partnership – we always aim to deliver the top spot in ad space for the lowest possible spend.

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Why Chose Us As YourYouTube Ads Agency Partner?

YouTube Ads Services Delivered with Decades of Combined Experience

The team at CLIQ Marketing Content is driven by results, not profit. We generate amazing results for our YouTube ad clients by analysing data to give us deeper insights. We do this transparently, giving you a look under the hood at everything we do, from choosing your target audience, to our final campaign results.


We use all of the tools at our disposal to give us a fair and balanced view of what has happened, and what can be improved. We can attribute every dollar you spend on YouTube ads to an outcome, giving you visibility and mastery over your marketing budget. We use our results to make sure our campaigns are operating at peak efficiency. A better ROI is our promise to you.

YouTube Ads Services

How we help you achieve your business goals through digital marketing strategy

Every business is different. That’s why we offer custom digital marketing services for businesses that aspire to grow faster.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads can work in tandem with YouTube ads to hit customers where they are searching, no matter where they spend their time online. Google is the world’s largest ad platform, and it’s here to work for you.

Web Projects

Web Projects

For YouTube ad campaigns to succeed, you normally need to direct customers to a landing page where you can make sales or capture details. We create high-performing landing pages that can deliver more leads than ever.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Part and parcel with YouTube and Google ads performance is SEO. We can assist you in creating new content and optimising existing content so that it is continually outperforming your competitors.

About Us

Who Is CLIQ Marketing Content?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering digital marketing services for businesses that aspire to grow, all over Australia. Our unique director-led model puts you in touch with some of the best digital marketing talent in Australia. Our data-backed strategies contribute to outstanding results for our clients by generating more leads and stronger, more stable growth.

If you’re in a position where you want to achieve better results and a more attractive return on investment, you’ve come to the right place. We believe in the following three things:

We’ll never ask for a signature until we’ve given you a direct and honest appraisal of your position. We will always recommend the best course of action, no matter what it means for us. We always promise to walk you through the inner workings of our strategies so you have confidence that we are doing the right thing.

Integrity is one of our core values. We take full responsibility for our results, and are accountable if we get something wrong. We rarely make mistakes, but when we do, we learn from them, and use their insights to generate even better results than before.

We aim for clarity and transparency in everything we do. Every meeting, whether it’s via phone, or in person, will leave you feeling confident and respected as a partner of ours. We will always give you insight into what we plan to do with your budget, and we will always answer any and all questions.

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Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1

Free No-Obligation Strategy Session

You’ll meet with Tim Butter, our co-director, in a free, no-obligation strategy session over the phone. Tim will give you a rundown as to what a YouTube strategy can entail, and will give you some analysis as to how Youtube Ads operate in your local market. He’ll also take a deep dive into your current YouTube strategy, and give you some insight as to how you can improve in the short term. Finally, Tim will recommend some YouTube marketing budgets that will give you the best chance of success.

Step 2

Custom Proposal Delivery And Follow-Up Session

After the strategy session, our team will get to work on a custom proposal that will help drive results to meet your specific business goals. This proposal will contain market information, some insight into competitor movements, and the benchmarks our YouTube Ads team will be looking to meet. We’ll also give you some examples of Web Projects that we’ve created for clients to help them achieve better results.

Following the delivery of this proposal, we’ll book a second meeting for you to sit down with Tim. This will give you an opportunity for you to ask any questions about advertising on YouTube and how it applies to your business.

Step 3

Onboarding & Execution

If you’re on board with our strategic direction, then we can move to onboarding. Thankfully, as a versatile, boutique agency, we can have clients onboarded and into work in as little as 1 business day. We work on a dual agency cycle that starts at the beginning of the month and in the middle of the month. We will get started on producing your ads campaigns, and tracking through Google Analytics.

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    Trent Butler

    Butler & Co

    "Cliq are masters of their craft and truly understands the deep foundational strategy behind paid Google and YouTube advertising. Backed by outstanding client service and a track record of results. Highly recommended."

      Maria Tomlinson

      Complete Conveyancing

      "It is with great pleasure to rate this review with 10 stars rather than a 5 star rating. I cannot thank Tim and his team at CLIQ enough for the professional, transparent and honest service they provide. I have worked very closely with Tim for the past year and a half and would not recommend anyone else to manage your marketing. Tim is an insightful and exceptional human being who listens and then problem solves for you and makes it work! Thank you Tim to you and your team."

        Jay Scerri

        Bird Control

        "I would like to thank Tim and the team from CLIQ Marketing for doing the unthinkable, I went from a struggling business to a high turnover each and every month I have tried multiple marketing companies with zero results I found CLIQ MARKETING and I will never look back driven results honest hard working and they deliver what they tell you great team guys."

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