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Lead generation services can superdrive your sales pipeline and give your business more opportunities to expand.

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If your business is ready to climb to new heights, then you need a lead generation strategy to bring in more customers, better leads, and stronger sales. Quality lead generation marketing campaigns can give your sales team the time and space to do what they do best – sell! We can do this by showcasing your work to new leads, while demonstrating your capability as a service and building your industry reputation.

CLIQ Marketing content is a digital marketing agency that generates leads in a variety of ways. We can optimise your existing web assets to bring in more qualified leads, or we can develop new marketing strategies that lead to more sales. It’s all about identifying what will work best as business strategies, and what resonates with your sales team. If you’re looking to make your mark on the digital world with a lead generation machine, then contact us today.

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Generate Leads Through A Refreshed Lead Generation Process

If you’re wondering why you’ve had a tough time generating warm leads, then you may need to take a look at your marketing efforts. Because, it’s not just about creating more leads out of thin air – it’s about capturing qualified prospects that lead to business growth. B2B lead generation involves sifting through all of the low-value leads and tyre kickers to find the prospects that deliver on the apex of value and time. The less time your business development managers or sales teams spend following up on bad prospects, the more money you make.

Spending money on outbound and inbound marketing for your own business is a scary prospect. And doing it incorrectly can waste thousands of dollars. When you work with a digital lead generation agency like CLIQ Marketing Content, you get access to all the tools, tactics, and marketing expertise that can help your business flourish. A holistic marketing strategy skewed towards generating leads can deliver better results while cutting down on your marketing spend.

All Australian Service-Based Businesses Can Find

new avenues of growth through lead generation. A growth in prospects allows you to expand into new business segments, hire new people, and investigate new ways of working, such as through automation. This is why we want to work with you to set attainable but aspirational business goals that we can meet by producing more leads.

Lead Generation Can Also Teach You About Your Business

by delivering insights into how different segments of your audience respond to different marketing channels. Effective lead generation can even replace marketing channels that no longer work for your sales funnel, like email marketing. When correctly strategised and executed, your next lead generation campaign can start cutting down on marketing budgets as you learn more about what works and what doesn't.

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Looking for Google Ads, a new website or SEO? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly directors today to find out how we can help your business!

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Generating Quality Leads Through Content Creation And A Range Of Other Services

The best way to understand lead generation is to understand nourishment. Business growth requires nourishment from revenue to transpire. Sales teams need nourishment from potential customers to do what they do best. Most importantly, your potential leads need nourishment all the way down the sales funnel until they convert into a paying customer. This is where we can begin to discuss how you convert leads.

One of the worst mistakes businesses make is going after the wrong leads. To put it simply, if you cast a wide net, you’re going to catch things that you don’t want. If this happens, you could be spending thousands of dollars trying to nourish leads that weren’t meant to be in your net in the first place. So, how do we cut through to find the customers we want to target?

The more relevant your business is to a customer’s needs, the more they will recognise your brand. If you offer a service, they need to become familiar with what you do before they make a decision. To communicate what you do, you might want to create new landing pages with copy and content that appeals to a certain audience. You might develop a suite of Google Ads that target a very specific customer niche, like a marketing manager or key decision maker for an office. You might even write sales copy in the form of press releases or featured articles in industry publications.

B2B marketing problems can be complex. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to successful lead generation. It could take some content marketing through quality articles, some research into your target audience to identify new customers, and even some marketing automation to cut down on your sales team’s workload. That’s why we approach every client with the desire to create a bespoke strategy that works for them. We’ll keep working and reoptimising this strategy until we get it right, giving you the best return on investment.

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Why Chose Us As YourLead Gen Partner?

Lead Generation Agency Services with Decades of Combined Experience

We want you to feel entirely confident with us as your digital marketing agency. It’s our job to make sure that you feel secure in our experience and the results we’ve produced in the past. We want to prove that we’ve done this many times before, and we’re ready to help you succeed.

We always recommend doing your due diligence before putting your money on the line. Take a look at the past work of the agencies that you are investigating. Look at how much budget they are spending, and what kind of results they have generated. For example, we manage millions of dollars of marketing budgets for clients every quarter.

As your digital marketing agency, we want to be relatable and accountable for our results. We’re going to give you the best lead gen experience of your life.

About Us

Who Is CLIQ Marketing Content?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that works with service-based businesses all over Australia to help them generate more and better leads. Our director-led model allows us to deliver outstanding results while working with a team of digital marketing experts. Our strategies are data-driven, meaning that they are constantly feeding us ways to develop and improve. Whether it’s through SEO, PPC, or website development, we are here to help you grow sustainably.

We work with businesses that aspire to generate leads through the right marketing channels. We aim to achieve this by offering three things:

We commit to always giving you an honest reflection of what you stand to gain and lose. This all happens before we require your signature. We will only ever recommend the best course of action that aligns with your business goals. We will always help you understand every strategic decision we recommend, so that you can be confident in the fact that we are using your budget in the best way.

We value integrity in everything we do. We are always responsible for the results of the campaigns we develop, and always promise to be accountable for those results. If we make a mistake or a misstep, we will develop learning to ensure that the next campaign we create is better than ever.

You’ll always get 100% transparency when you work with us. From communication, to meetings, to reporting, you’ll have full clarity over what we are doing and why we are doing it. We always pledge to act with respect and in your best interests, no matter if we are working together in person or remotely.

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How to get a custom lead gen strategy
Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1

Free No-Obligation Strategy Session

During the first session, you’ll work one on one with Tim Buttery, our co-director, who will walk you through the lead generation process. He’ll also give you some insights as to how lead generation works best in your industry, and give you some pointers on how you can improve your current marketing efforts. Finally, you can chat about campaign budget based on your business goals.

Step 2

Custom Proposal Delivery And Follow-Up Session

Next, our lead gen team will get cracking crafting a custom proposal to meet your business goals based on your discussions with Tim. In this proposal, you’ll get information about your competitors in your niche, and some direction as to the benchmarks we will be striving to hit in terms of lead numbers and quality scores. Finally, you’ll get a look into some past Web Projects of ours that can contribute to a growth in leads.

If you are happy with this proposal, we will book another time for you to meet with Tim to go over any questions you have about lead generation.

Step 3

Onboarding & Execution

If you’re ready to get started, then we will do so immediately. Due to our boutique and versatile agency structure, we can onboard clients in as little as 1 business day. Our bimonthly agency cycle of production starts at the beginning of the month and in the middle of the month. During this time, we’ll get to work creating content, building pages, and developing other elements of your digital marketing campaign. We’ll also make sure your tracking is online with Google Analytics and other tools.

How we've helped grow businesses with lead generation

Here's what our happy clients have to say about how we manage their lead generation campaigns.

    Nima Asadi Khomami

    One Will

    "Tim and Esther have been amazing in support our new business and have really got us up and running. With CLIQ's support we are now seeing a steady stream if new viewers daily to the website and consistent sign up numbers. Very happy to recommend CLIQ, and hope to continue to work with Tim and Esther as we grow."

      Jason Macintosh

      Motion Trader

      "Tim and his team have been a huge help in getting Motion Trader's YouTube advertising up and running. Tim advised on scripting for the ad and gave us a template to follow. This saved a lot of time and made sure our messaging was right. CLIQ have also done a terrific job in placing and managing the ad on YouTube. Another important point is that you'll have direct access to Tim. Other digital marketing firms I've used operate through an account manager of varying experience. Speaking to Tim directly is help us get the best results from our investment."

        Steve Dunn

        Alliance Legal Services

        "We found CLIQ at the start of the COVID epidemic when the Google advertising landscape erupted over a four week period. We'd been running our own campaigns successfully for five years when the number of advertisers quadrupled, and the cost per click skyrocketed. Tim gave us good advice, gave us a solid approach for a new campaign and we've held our hard earned market position throughout the pandemic. We now get more data on our spend and targeting than we ever had before. Paying for a sophisticated approach was a good investment."

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