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White label Google Ads management services

If you’re a marketing business that wants to offer more services to clients, we can help. White label Google Ads management is where you leverage the experience of a digital marketing agency to provide PPC campaigns. Essentially, you offer Google Ads management to your clients, we manage it for you, and you continue to brand it as your own service. By offering white label Google Ads campaigns, you can secure an additional revenue stream for your business while we do the legwork.

When it comes to managing a Google Ads account, CLIQ Marketing Content knows how to get results. We’ve been helping clients succeed in PPC and white label Google Ads for years. We’ll work with you to understand your client’s business goals, and reverse engineer an effective Google Ads campaign that will deliver strong growth and plenty of new leads. It’s all part of our Google Ads white label services.

We offer a free consultation & audit of your current Google Ads campaigns.

No Tricks or Slimy Sales People – Just Friendly Advice

Premium White Label Google Ads Management Agency

How we drive better results for clients using white label Google Ads management

Running a Google Ads agency is not a simple job. Finding skilled Google Ads experts, managing client’s Google Ads spend, and conducting Google Ads audits all take time. That’s why we offer white label PPC services – we understand what it takes to run a successful PPC campaign because we are well-established as a digital agency.

We offer white label PPC services to businesses who commonly get asked to manage PPC ad campaigns as part of their day-to-day. You could be a social media marketing agency looking to expand your services. You could be a web designer who has been asked to run PPC marketing off the back of a set of landing pages you have built for a client. If you’re in the realm of online marketing but don’t enjoy setting up ad accounts and managing ad campaigns, then our white label service is for you.

We are also a Google-certified partner,

meaning that you can leverage the skills and experience that come with this designation. Many digital agencies offering white label services are not Google Partners, choosing instead to give the easiest and cheapest service possible. When Cliq MC manages a client's ad account on your behalf, we give the same quality service and attention as if they were our client.

We aim to make you look good by

reducing your client's ad spend, while creating resonating and effective PPC conversion campaigns. We can teach you how to do it, too. We'll give you some insight into how we get great results with Google Ads, and help you understand how both our services and your services can work together more effectively.
If you're ready to offer more services, learn about Google Ads, and secure more revenue, then contact the CLIQ Marketing Content team. Let's work together to create more success.

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Google Ads Results

Here Are Some of the Results We've Achieved for Our White Label Google Ads clients In Australia

Family Lawyer

Client Enquiries
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Client Enquiries
Day Period

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Best White Label Google Adwords In Australia

Creating strong growth and more leads for your clients

A solid pay-per-click (PPC) campaign relies on an understanding of customer intent. Creating an intent-responsive ad campaign takes a bit of work. It means doing a lot of research into how customers are searching, what they are looking for, and what they respond to.

If you are unfamiliar with how PPC functions in a Google Ads campaign, then here it is in a nutshell. Google allows you to set how much you “bid” on ad space. This space is being bid on by competitors, which can drive the price higher or lower depending on the competitiveness of the market. Once you’ve made your bid, you enter a “live auction” where the best bid on the space is chosen automatically.

It may seem complex to handle, but we know how to make it work for your client. As your PPC experts, we will work to thoroughly understand your client’s business, their goals, their market, and their customer. From here, we can develop a series of ad groups and campaigns that deliver the results they are looking for.

We are a Google Partner, which means we know how to proficiently manage Google Ads accounts and campaigns. We achieved this verification by handling millions of dollars in budget, while simultaneously lowering ad spend and increasing leads for clients.

When we manage Google Ads on your behalf, your client’s business benefits from an entire team of google Ads experts. We are all highly trained in using the google suite of advertising products. It’s our single-minded focus is to make you look good by reducing marketing spend while generating more and better leads. We make it that simple.

You can benefit from our Google partnership – we always aim to deliver the top spot in ad space for the lowest possible spend.

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Why Chose Us As Your White LabelGoogle Ads Campaign Partner?

White Label Google Ads Agency with Decades of Combined Experience

We aim for transparency and clarity in everything we do. This is how we create better results for your clients. First, we onboard your client onto our MCC Advertising account. From here, we’ll have a detailed view of exactly what’s happening under the hood. The data presented to us following onboarding allows us to better optimise your campaign, while also giving us the ability to generate white label reports about performance. Every dollar your client spends is trackable and attributed to a goal.

Transparency allows us to improve results for you and your clients. We use data to our advantage, whether it indicates a positive outcome, or one that needs work. It’s how we generate mutual success for everyone – for your business, for your client, and ourselves.

White Label Google Adwords Services

How we help your clients achieve their business goals

Every business is different. That’s why we offer custom digital marketing services for businesses looking to achieve their goals for themselves and their clients.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Make the world's largest advertising network work for you and your clients. We generate highly optimised PCC campaigns that capture leads from over 80% of the world's web users. PPC also works well with SEO and Web Projects.

Web Projects

Web Projects

We can create high-performing assets for clients. Whether it's a website, landing page, or quality content, we can build it. Drive better results and capture more leads while communicating the value of your brand.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Good SEO helps you outperform your competitors in organic rankings. We can generate more leads from high-quality content, while optimising your web assets so that they are performing at their absolute best around the clock.

About Us

Who Is CLIQ Marketing Content?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering white label Google Ads management in Australia. Our director-led approach is highly personalised to the businesses we work with. We don’t believe in scattershot strategies. We generate leads for service-based businesses that aspire to grow their market share and achieve their goals.

We offer a range of white label services for businesses that want to offer more. At CLIQ MC, we believe in the following three things:

Nothing gets signed until you get all the options. We will always recommend taking the best course of action for you and your client, regardless of what it means for our bottom line. Before we proceed with any white label services, you’ll have a clear understanding of what we intend to achieve.

We value the truth highly, and will never hide anything from you. We will always be accountable for our results. We go above and beyond to achieve the absolute best outcomes for the lowest price. It’s all part of our desire to uphold integrity in all of our business dealings.

Every reporting and strategy meeting you’ll have with us will be clear, honest, and transparent. We work with clients in a variety of ways – online, over the phone, and face to face. But in every instance, you’ll receive professional attention, and absolute transparency.

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Strategy Session

Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1

Free No-Obligation Strategy Session

You’ll sit down with our co-director, Tim Buttery. Over the phone, Tim will introduce you to the Google Ads network, and give you some insight as to how we deliver over 7x the leads of standard Google Ads campaigns. He’ll also work with you on your client’s ads account, and give you some guidance about how to structure it for success. Finally, you will receive an analysis of your client’s market, and some recommendations for campaign budgets. In the end, you’ll have an idea of how we will generate more leads for less money for your client.

Step 2

Custom Proposal Delivery And Follow-Up Session

Next, we will deliver a custom proposal that supports your client’s business goals. You’ll see how marketing conditions will contribute to success, and you’ll also get an idea of some KPIs that our team will be working towards. If you like, we can follow up with some examples of landing pages we have built that have generated up to 50% ad-to-lead conversions. Finally, you’ll get a personalised video from our director that will give you some insight into the strategy that we intend to follow.

After the delivery of this proposal, we’ll book another time for you to meet with our director. This will allow you to ask any questions about how your business can better deliver white label Google Ads services.

Step 3

Onboarding & Execution

If you accept our proposal and strategic direction, then we move to onboarding. Our position as a boutique agency allows us to onboard clients in as little as 1 business day. We work on 2 structured agency cycles starting at the beginning of the month and the middle of the month. We’ll also install some ad protection software into your client’s ad account, and begin developing our white label Google Ads campaigns. Following this, the results will start to roll in!

How we've helped grow businesses just like yours

Hear from Our Australian Happy Clients 

    Raji Pillai

    Lane Cove Family Dental

    "I came across Tim while I was looking for a reliable social media advertising agency. Tim was very friendly, explained his ideas clearly and knowledgeable during our first chat . He manages the google advertising for my two dental surgeries in NSW .In our past one year with CLIQ, I can certainly see the increase in number our new patient enquires and thereby our profit margins . I highly recommend Tim’s service for any business who is looking for a google AdWords specialist . He delivered the results as he promised and he has taken away the hassles of advertising for me . I am able to enjoy my dentistry and family life finally . Well done CLIQ team."

      Sally Wicks

      Just Baché

      "I highly recommend Tim, Esther and the entire CLIQ Marketing team for their ongoing service. Just Bache Beauty Therapy Clinic is one of the many international Ella Bache salons that requires excellence in every area. CLIQ have assisted me over the past 2 years, designing a 25 page website and ongoing ad campaigns. The directors are readily available for consultation which is rare for any business today."

        Darren Fisher

        PIA Team

        "Tim & team are a breath of fresh air in the marketing space. Of all the businesses I discussed my marketing requirements with, only Cliq Mrktg gave me an honest response, they valued my dollar, and delivered service beyond my expectations. Would highly recommend their services to anyone."

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